I help new life coaches gain clarity, build confidence, and conquer fears, so they can take action and start making money, even if it’s overwhelming and seems impossible.

Are you a new life coach, who’s ready to start your coaching business, but the lack of clarity, and overwhelming doubts and fears are making it difficult to get organized, and stay focused in order to move forward and start making money?

Is this you?

  • You KNOW how to coach. You are READY to coach. You WANT to coach. But you aren’t sure where to start.
  • You believe that you know WHO you want to coach, but can’t figure out how to get in front of them so they can see how you can help them.
  • You’d really like that “confidence” that would make you look and sound professional, even though you are new at this coaching thing.
  • You’re battling fears and self-doubt that are stalling you, and only making things worse.
  • You are ready to get the help that you need to get this business in money-making mode.

No worries. There’s hope.

First of all, you are not alone. So many life coaches have gone through this battle, and have moved past it and on to bigger and better things. You can do the same.

Once you have the clarity you are looking for, you will feel confident, and fear will be a thing of the past. Your big picture will be in focus and your plan to reach your goals will be attainable. This is when things start falling into place, your business takes shape, and paying clients start appearing.



So now what?

This is where I come along side of you, and together we make things happen. Using my business expertise, experience, and knowledge, I will help you define your vision, work through those pesky fears and doubts, create a plan of action, and set your new coaching business in to money-making mode. 

Are you ready to explore further and at no cost? Grab your FREE Discovery Chat now and let’s talk.

How we can make this happen…

Just as every individual is unique, every business is unique. My approach is one-on-one attention to your exclusive situation. I will help you not only clarify your goals, but we will develop a customized plan that is structured, action-oriented, timely, and focused on your desired outcomes. I am committed to delivering coaching, mentoring, and advising in the combination that is most effective for you.

This is your business, your life, your future. Let’s make it amazing.

My pledge to you

  • I will listen…intently
  • I will ask questions that will help you gain clarity around how to get to where you want to go
  • I will create a safe place for you to explore options and try on new attitudes
  • I will acknowledge and support you in your wins and challenges
  • I will remind you how unique and intelligent you are
  • I will brainstorm with you to design strategies, action steps, and methods of focus
  • I will hold you accountable to make sure you live up to your full potential
  • I will always be honest and direct

My thoughts

I find personal joy in seeing new coaches achieve what they have always dreamed of and have worked so hard to make happen. I know that feeling. By helping others through the process of evolving a business and making it into something gratifying and full of value, well…there is nothing more satisfying to me.

If you are relating to any of these words, or feeling the need to be heard and helped, then sign up for a FREE Discovery Chat now.

What Clients Say…

“Carol is by far one of the best businesses coaches I’ve had…”
She is a “mover and a shaker,” in other words, our conversations are targeted, informational, and most importantly, content rich! She is extremely resourceful, shares material to advance your goals, and best of all, plays “devil’s advocate.” This method worked for me as it clarified meaning and purpose for my business goals. Thank you Carol for being you!”

Lindsay Unger
Career & Life Coach
New Oxford, PA.

“I have achieved what seemed overwhelming and even impossible with her support …”
Working with Carol has been a breath of fresh air! She knew just how to motivate me into getting what I wanted, by taking small, manageable steps. She was always there to celebrate my wins, and reminded me to praise myself for following through on any task I assigned myself. She is a great coach that helped me to feel the support I needed to move forward. I have achieved what seemed overwhelming, and even impossible with her support.”

Celena Collins
Life CoachLiving In Your Power
Golden, CO.

“She has the gift of encouragement to bring out the best in her clients!”
When I began coaching with Carol, I was at a point in my business where I had zero traction and was spinning my wheels. I had spent many months and lots of cash with others who did not have the expertise to help me as a new coach get my business off the ground. When I talked with Carol for the first time, I knew I had found the right coach for me! Carol has the expertise to help new coaches but more than that…she has the gift of encouragement to bring out the very best in her clients! I SO needed to hear her say that I was smart and that I could do it! This made all the difference! Thank you Carol for sharing your wisdom and encouragement with others! You rock!”

Cindy Taylor
Life Strategist Coach
CindyBiz Life Strategies
London Ontario, Canada

Get Your FREE Discovery Chat Now

I sincerely want to help you and I know that I can. In your FREE Discovery Chat, we will discuss:

      • What your coaching business looks like today
      • What your goals are for your business
      • What has got in the way of you moving forward to where you want to be
      • Your options and choices for creating an action plan
      • How I will be able to help and support you in finding the success that you truly desire



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Meet Carol

“I help new life coaches gain clarity, build confidence, and conquer fears, so they can take action and start making money, even if it’s overwhelming and seems impossible.”

The coaching process may come naturally and easily to most of us coaches, but sometimes the business part can be a bit overwhelming and cause us to stall. I know! It happened to me.

In 2010, while in the process of selling a small business that I started from the ground up, I was introduced to coaching. I decided that I would use my experience, expertise, passion, and training to start my own coaching practice, which capitalized on my strengths, and focused on a target market that I was well acquainted with (new coaches).  Through much trial and error, and a lot of cash, I finally figured out how to have a successful coaching practice that worked perfectly for me. Now, I get to help other new coaches do the same without going through all the “trial and error (and lots of cash)”.

Helping new life coaches get on the path to success is so much fun for me to be part of. I love seeing and hearing all the creativity in my clients, especially those who think they have none. They truly inspire me. This is exactly why I do what I do.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, and our three whippet pups. I am the proud mom to four adult children who never cease to amaze and inspire me.